Accept the Rose

A Children's Treasury of Moments from ABC's The Bachelorette.

Watching this show lately I’ve reminded of my first year of art school and the girls I lived with in the dorms. They loved The Bachelor, and it would be seasons before I actually sat down to watch it. One night I stalked into the room, irritated at having the goddamn show on again.

“These people are morons.” I sighed. “I mean, you really have to be, like, the dumbest person alive to subject yourself to certain humiliation. America! Where the pursuit of the worlds biggest concentration of idiocy in one being knows no bounds!” My housemate Sarah just shrugged her shoulders. I rambled on. “How could they honestly believe they’re in love? They’ve met this person twice! You’d never find someone of my intellect on a reality show. I’m not that stupid.” She studied me thoughtfully as I whined about the lack of decorum among reality tv show contestants.

“I think your pajamas are on backwards.” She said.

…And so they were.

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