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Anonymous asked: In an unprecedented move, Sean sends both finalists home, opting instead to live out the rest of his days alone in a room full of framed pictures of women. More pictures of more women than he knew could exist. He picks up a picture, contemplates it, puts it down, and stares pensively out the window, forever. This, he realizes, is what he wants. This in between time. All chase, no heartbreak. No disappointment. He at last knows peace. (Wait, did you actually want more fanfic or were you joking?)

The fake request for more fanfic was actually a way to confirm my suspicions as to whether or not this was actually Brad Womack, but considering he would know that sending both contestants home in the final hour was not an unprecedented move - because he was guilty of this very crime his first season!! - I have to revise my hypothesis.

BEN? Is this u?

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